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Awning Details
Once you've chosen your awning style there are a few more details to decide.

What type of valance?
Detail Pic - No Valance
No Valance
A clean straight edge on the bottom of the awning. No borders or edges.
Detail Pic - No Valance
Loose Valance
6" to 8" loose section of fabric hanging below the bottom of the framework. Includes a decorative cutout style on the bottom edge and binding or trim options.
Detail Pic - Tight Valance
Tight Valance
A rigid border below the main body of the awning. Usually 6-8" for most residential awnings and larger sizes to accommodate graphics on commercial awnings.

What valance trim style?
Our base price includes a loose valance with 1/4" binding on the bottom edge. We can also do bolder 1" trim or more decorative double-trim or trim with binding. See the options in the Valance Styles section.
Most tight valances are left plain but we can add appliqué trim if desired.

Valance Cutout Styles

Valance Cutout Styles
There's a style for everyone: whether you prefer a straight edge, scalloped cutout, Greek key or a long wave. We have 11 different styles for the bottom edge of your awning. We can also match existing styles if needed. See all of the options in the Valance Styles section.