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Exterior Shades
Exterior shades significantly reduce the heat on patios, porches and large window expanses by blocking the sun before it heats up your windows or patio area. We provide a variety of exterior shades: from our simple drop shades to motorized Powerscreens to fit every need and budget. We also make shade sails, fixed shade panels, slide-wire shades and other unique styles. All styles are custom made using up to 95% shade fabric or solid acrylic "canvas" fabrics for many years of outdoor use. Compare options and check out the photo galleries below.

Standard Drop Shades
Standard drop shades are the simplest and most popular. They are manually operated with a pull rope and tied off on a rope-cleat. These drop shades are mounted at the top and have a weight-bar in the bottom hem which allows it to roll up easily. Includes footman loops and tie-down straps to secure in place during light winds.

Rollertube Drop Shades
Rollertube drop shades are the next step up. The fabric rolls up onto a sleek aluminum rollertube. They are manually operated with a hand-crank that can be removed when not in use. No ropes! Motorization is also available. Includes footman loops and tie-down straps to secure in place during light winds.

Boxed Drop Shades and Powerscreens
Boxed drop shades and Powerscreens are a great way to totally enclose a patio or shade large windows. They have a box-style rollertube enclosure, side rails and bottom bar. Our best selling unit is the Accent Sun-Pro. We also sell the high-end Solair Powerscreen which includes the SRS™ fabric retention system to keep the screen from blowing out during windy conditions and for great insect protection.

Other Styles and Custom
We also make other styles with slide-rails and hooks, shower-curtain style, Roman shades, horizontal slide-wire shades and unique styles to fit the needs of our customers.
Standard Drop Shades
Manually operated with pull-rope.
Rollertube Drop Shade
Rollertube Drop Shade
Manually operated with hand-crank.
Boxed Drops and Powerscreens
Boxed & Powerscreens
Box enclosure and side rails. Motorized with remote control.
Other pics.
Other Styles
Sliding shades, shower curtain styles and others
Fixed Shades
Fixed Shade Panels
Fixed shade panels on windows and pergola tops.
Shade Sails
Shade Sails
Shade for small patio areas.
Slide Wire
Slide-Wire Shade
Custom horizontal shades.