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FAQ and General Info
Physical Address / Mailing Address
Awnings of Tulsa, Inc.
1428 E 1st St
Tulsa, OK 74120
(Located on 1st street between Peoria and Utica. 1st is a one-way so drive from Peoria)

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 4:30 PM

Payment Types Accepted:
- Checks
- Cash
- Credit/Check Cards: Visa, MasterCard or Discover

Acceptance / Order Requirements:
1. Signed copy of proposal.
2. 50% deposit on all projects unless other terms are approved.
3. Awning details: style, color, cutout style, etc. (These details can be confirmed within a few days of placing your order.)

Payment Types Accepted:
- Checks
- Cash
- Credit/Check Cards: Visa, MasterCard or Discover

What cities/areas do you service?
Tulsa and the surrounding areas: Broken Arrow, Bixby, Owasso, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Catoosa, Claremore, Glenpool, Pryor, etc.

We also travel further out of town and some nearby out of state projects with an upcharge for the travel time.

Where do I begin?
If you have an idea of what you want, the best way to get started is to give us a call to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. If you're still exploring ideas and options, browse through our website for photo galleries, awning styles, fabric colors and lots of info, or you can visit our showroom to see actual awning examples and visit with us in person.

Are estimates really free?
Yes. Estimates are a free service to our potential customers.

What if I can't be there for the estimate?
If you're unable to meet at the location at a specific time, we can schedule a Drive-By estimate. We'll stop by your home or business within the next day or two, take measurements and email or fax the quote to you.
Drive-by appointments are great for customers who know exactly what they want, for simple awning projects, recovering existing awnings and repair evaluations.

How much does an awning cost?
Price depends on many variables such as style, size, fabric type, and valance styles. If you know the approximate size and style awning you'd like, we can give you a rough estimate by phone. If you have plans or a drawing, please email or fax it to us and we can quote a price for you. For a firm price we often need to see the location. Call to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

Do you have a showroom?
Yes. You're welcome to stop by our showroom to view example awnings, see how the retractable awnings and drop shades operate, ask questions, flip through sample books and pick up fabric swatches.

Do you sell aluminum/metal awnings?
We do metal awnings for commercial jobs including standing-seam style awnings, and overhead supported awnings and canopies.

Do you sell wood awnings?
...fiberglass awnings?
...old fashioned metal residential awnings?

Do you sell copper awnings?
Yes. We occasionally do manufacture copper awnings when requested. Please call to inquire.

Do you have any awnings in stock?
No. Every awning is custom-made for a specific customer.

Do you recover existing awnings?
Yes. We can make new fabric covers for existing awnings.

How long does it take to make awnings?
Our typical lead-time is about 4 weeks from acceptance to installation. During the summer season the lead time increases depending on our work load. The current time-frame will be noted on your proposal.

Can I install my own awning?
Yes. You may choose to install your own fixed awning.
We strongly discourage DIY or handyman installation of retractable awnings. Retractable awnings should always be installed professionally by experienced installers. If incorrectly installed, your retractable awnings can be damaged or even cause damage to your house!

Do you repair awnings?
Yes. If the fabric is still in good condition, seams and small tears can be repaired. All repairs must be evaluated before we can provide a price. Call to schedule an appointment for an estimate.

Do you make or repair pool covers, tents or tarps?
No. We do not service very large vinyl items such as pool covers, tents and tarps. We recommend finding a company with a long-neck sewing machine.
You can also try these websites below for custom and stock-sized tarps:

Can you make a new cover for my 10x10 store bought canopy, swing or glider?
No. We do not make new covers for store-bought canopies. The fabric on the ready-made canopies usually only lasts a year or two and the framework is not meant to support heavy rains, winds or snow. The fabrics we use (Sunbrella and others) are top quality outdoor fabrics that will last 8-12 years. When choosing outdoor fabrics, you usually get what you pay for. A custom-made replacement cover would cost several times the price of a whole new store bought canopy.

You can find replacement covers for most store-bought canopies online at GardenWinds.com.

How long will my awning last?
Awnings typically last about 8-12 years before the fabric needs to be replaced. Some of our awnings have lasted more than 16 years! The fabrics we use have up to a 10 year warranty from the manufacturers.
Aluminum frames are TIG welded, do not rust and are built to last indefinitely. Visit our Warranty section for more specific details.

Can awnings handle harsh weather?
Our awnings are built to withstand the typical winds, rain and snow loads of Oklahoma. We cannot provide a warranty for damages caused by extreme weather but in our almost 25-year history we have had very few weather-damaged awnings. Most damages are caused by tree limbs landing on awnings or huge slabs of ice on the rooftop breaking free and crashing down onto awnings.

Retractable awnings and shades are designed primarily for shade purposes. They can be damaged if left our in strong winds or rain. Always retract your awning during inclement weather. Weather damages are not covered under warranty.

How do fabric awnings fare during hailstorms?
Based on our observation, fabric awnings actually fare better than metal canopies during typical hailstorms. The fabric has the tendency to bounce back while metal awnings get dents and dings. Newer fabric fares best. In one hailstorm with golf-ball size hail, the few awnings that were damaged were larger patio awnings with fabric more than 7 years old. No awning is hail-proof. Weather damages are not covered under warranty.

Do I need to remove my awnings for the winter?
It is not necessary to remove fixed frame awnings and patio covers during the winter. Shade sails or unstructured horizontal shade panels should be removed to prevent fabric stretching due to snow and ice accumulation.

What type of thread do you use? What color?
We use Tenara PTFE (Teflon) thread - guaranteed to last the life of the fabric. We use black and clear threads to coordinate with the fabric color.

Do you reinforce the fabric?
We add reinforcements (a double-layer of the same fabric) on corners, square edges, peaks and any other areas of the fabric that are likely to wear faster than the rest of the awning.

Do you add rafter pockets?
Yes. We add pockets on large awnings and patio covers to secure the body of fabric to the framework rafters. This prevents the fabric from catching wind and beating against the framework.

Can I add my logo to my awning?
Yes. We have many options for graphics. From simple address numbers to full color, detailed graphics. Visit our graphics section for more info.

Can I add decorative scroll work or spearheads?
Yes. We have many styles of decorative hardware, scroll work, spearheads and finals that can be added to most awning styles. Visit our Decorative Hardware section for more info.

Do I need to clean my awnings?
How often do I need to clean my awnings?
Yes. Simple maintenance is important to keep your awnings looking great and lasting for many years. We recommending cleaning your awnings 3-5 times per year to prevent build-up of dust, pollen. etc. See the Care and Cleaning section for the detailed how-to.

What if I have a unique or odd project?
We have made many unusual projects, and we're always ready for unique ideas. You can email or fax over a sketch with details or give us a call to schedule an appointment to discuss the project with you at your home or job site.

Call or email us with any additional questions.